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September 15, 2023

Technique and Art, craftsmanship precision and irrational inspiration: a duo that transcends centuries and is capable of bringing out the best in each other in a harmonious synergy of intent. The goal of Giannoni & Santoni Artistic Collaborations, as summarized in the words of the two owners, is to “merge creativity, experience, material, and energy to realize extraordinary artistic projects.”

Thanks to the company’s know-how, the installation features the works of Aurelio Amendola created on cement panels expertly illuminated through the innovative project by Pollice Illuminazione. The final result showcases the most famous works of the great photographer as we know them, yet they are different from the originals. It was Marino Marini, a friend and mentor of the artist, who asked him to make his sculptures dance, to bring them to life through the modulation of light. This is the outcome of the fusion of Giannoni & Santoni’s technique, Pollice’s study of light, and Aurelio Amendola’s photographs: a script of light and matter, a gestural expression that creates a continuum in space and expands time

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