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15th September 2023

Art and technology, visionary inspiration and artisan precision: a long-lasting duo, able to cut across centuries and to create a perfect synergy. “Melting creativity, experience, materials and energy to actualize extra-ordinary artistical projects”: this is the aim of Giannoni & Santoni Collaborazioni Artistiche, summed up by its two owners’ words.

Thanks to the Company’s know-how, we are able to enjoy Aurelio Amendola’s works printed on concrete panels, wisely enlightened by Marco Pollice, art director of Pollice Illuminazione, thanks to an innovative project, where dynamic lights give value to the artworks and protect the art’s and observers’ health. The result shows the artist’s most famous pictures as we are used to know them and yet, at the same time, different from the original ones.
Marino Marini, Amendola’s master and friend, asked him to make his sculptures dance, to bring them to life by light modulation. Here’s the outcome of the bond between Giannoni & Santoni’s technology, Pollice’s light project and Aurelio Amendola’s pictures: a language made of light and substance, able to create a continuum in space and to expand time.

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