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On the occasion of FuoriSalone 2023, from April 17th to April 26th, within the framework of the exhibition-event INTERNI Design Re-Evolution, the artist Gianni Lucchesi presents OPERAE in the Cortile d’Onore of the University of Milan. The installation, towering at 13 meters in height, is composed of 12 concrete cubes that form a tower, with a life-sized sculpture of a seated man gazing towards the horizon at its summit. This sculpture, specially designed for FuoriSalone 2023, was created with the relationship between man and “building” in mind. OPERAE is strongly characterized by geometric and mathematical elements. The Fibonacci golden sequence marks the rotation of the cubes supporting the contemplative figure of the man. In fact, the cubes undergo a slight rotation near the sequence 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, whose sum is 12, which is also the height of the tower in meters.

The golden markings that scratch the cement surfaces represent an increasing overlap towards the top of a Brunian seal.

“The title of the INTERNI exhibition intertwines the concepts of revolution and evolution, two parts of the same developmental process. While it is true that as human beings, we have evolved, it is also true that we have constructed a social reality that does not always respect diversity and the environment. There is a need for a revolution of the spirit to improve our future. Art, architecture, and design can play a fundamental role in this mission by creating new visions,” declares Gianni Lucchesi.

The OPERAE project was developed by Lucchesi in collaboration with Carlo Alberto Arzelà, Sandra Bozzarelli, Julia Caracciolo, and the Hangar studio.

The artist worked on the construction solutions and aesthetic finishes of the cubes with the company Giannoni & Santoni. Lucchesi hand-shaped the resin sculpture. The human figure was created with the support of Poliart. The lighting was provided by Filotto, while the studio Ingegneria e Dintorni designed the statics of the entire sculpture.



Artist: Gianni Lucchesi

Collaborators: Giannoni & Santoni, Arzelà Studio Architettura, Sandra Bozzarelli, Julia Caracciolo, Hangar

Technical Sponsors: Ingegneria e dintorni and Poliart

Lighting: Filotto

Location: University of Milan, Via Festa del Perdono 7

Dates: April 17th to April 26th, 2023

Opening Hours: April 17-23: 10 AM – 12 AM | April 24-26: 10

INTERNI Design Re-Evolution Press Conference: April 17th, 2 PM, Aula Magna of the University of Milan

Website: www.internimagazine.it


Gianni Lucchesi

Gianni Lucchesi was born in Pisa in 1965. Since 1985, he has exhibited in both solo and group exhibitions in Italy and abroad. In 2006, he received the Cisdac award for contemporary art. He participated in the 2014 Casablanca Biennale and from 2016 to 2019 in four editions of the Museum of Madness curated by Vittorio Sgarbi. Since 2019, he has exhibited in exhibitions curated and presented by Nicolas Ballario and Carlo Alberto Arzelà. In 2021, he won the competition for the creation of the monument to Sandro Pertini in Savona. His latest exhibition in 2023 is “Signum,” an installation curated by Nicolas Martino.”